Tuesday, November 26, 2019

With Awesome Ashley Sofas & Sectionals, You’re SET for the Holidays!

Now that the family is coming over for the holidays, it’s the PERFECT time to get fantastic living room furniture from the affordable Ashley brand always YOURS for less from your friends at Roses Flooring & Furniture! It’s not too late to make your front room the showplace you KNOW it should be, both to make your guests comfortable and subtly impress with your refined taste. Here are just a few ways Ashley furniture for your living room will make your holiday hospitality, including football-watching and warm moments opening gifts, that much more special. And when you buy from Roses, you’ll have plenty of cash so you can play Santa with extra style.

Ashley Darcy red sofa

Fantastic Ashley Sofas

The champ in our stable of Ashley sofas remains the Darcy models, not only trim and lovely in their transitional style but family-friendly. Sturdy reinforced hardwood frames with corner blocking see to that, so a few jumps from excited kids full of candy and energetic pooches are no problem. Better still, these cool stationary sofas wear no less than Nuvella high-performance fabric in your choice of color. Just laugh and wipe spills right off while they’re still fresh, and it’s like nothing happened. That’s right: Ashley furniture understands how you really live. This isn’t plastic-slipcover furniture for show; it’s for real LIVING!

Brown DuraBlend Ashley sectional

Roomy Ashley Sectionals

One of our spacious Ashley sectionals is perfect when you really want a feeling of togetherness as you sit by the fireplace or giant TV, watching your holiday favorites or the big game. One of our favorites is an extremely affordable Alliston chaise sectional with your choice of left or right facing chaise. This rich deep-brown leather-look sectional actually mixes soft DuraBlend upholstery on the seats with sturdy vinyl on the outside, plus a thick padded arm adding to the comfort of the ultra-high density foam cushions. This chaise sectional’s companion pieces such as the supersized accent ottoman make this option even more appealing!

Ashley reclining sofa set

Ashley Reclining Sofas for the Best “Ride”

When you need to kick back to relieve some stress, share your good times on an Ashley reclining sofa yours for less from Roses! Clad in soft faux leather, this motion furniture from the world’s biggest furniture manufacturer includes the Boxberg sofa, plush seating for three, being a whopping 93 inches long, nearly 8 feet! This reclining sofa’s smooth “ride” opens out to 69 inches fully reclined.

All of these winter living room furniture options are kept in your price range at our Cleveland, OH furniture showroom and other Roses Flooring & Furniture locations. And remember, you can have it all NOW for ZERO money down with 120 days same as cash!!!!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Rethink Dining Furniture: Fall’s YOUR Big Chance!

For just about everybody, fall and the holidays are when dining room furniture is most important in the home. This is prime time gathering season when many of you host family and friends for special meals. If your dining set disappoints you, you don’t have to put up with it anymore. Roses Flooring & Furniture is budget-savvy households’ mainstay for chic fashion and family-friendly durability from top brands! Your choices range from classic woodwork to tempered glass and chrome for a sleek modern look.

full dining set with bench

Live Large: Full Dining Sets

Whether you’re “to the manor born” or just want to look like it, one of Roses’ complete dining room sets gives your home an instant aura of family and tradition ideal for serving the holiday turkey and all the trimmings! These grand dining sets have everything you need to make your meal go smoothly, such as dining buffets to clear table space and generous extension tables with drop leaves so there is a place for everyone. Whether it’s your birth family or your most loved friends, all will be at home sitting at your beautiful new dining set! One of our dining benches is great if you’re got children among your guests.

small dining set

Relax: Small Dining Sets

While the holidays are best known for big do’s, our small dining sets are also ideal for everyday use in breakfast nooks or for apartment living. A round table means everybody can see each other over fantastic food and conversation. PU-upholstered dining chairs means not only comfort but easy care and many years of good use.

When your dining room furniture needs a makeover, our Richmond,VA store is ready to assist, and in time for the holidays!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Want to Get Comfortable This Fall? Settle into a New Living Room Recliner for the Big Game!

When you take your fall sports viewing and entertaining as seriously as we do at Roses Flooring and Furniture, consider a new living room recliner to up YOUR game in home comfort and hospitality. Luckily for you, our Midwest and Southeast home furniture showrooms carry a vast array of reclining chairs that are the state of the art. Imagine your favorite big chair when you were growing up, maybe at Grandpa’s house. Dial that comfort way up. Not only is today’s motion furniture made of outstanding materials, from solid wood frames and metal-reinforced seating to ultra-high density foam. Science is on its side. By that we mean our living room recliner manufacturers incorporate advances in our understanding of ergonomics not only to make you feel good. While you’re digesting some turkey and enjoying a drink and the latest gridiron action on your big screen, one of our living room recliners will give ample support both to your neck and your back’s crucial lower or lumbar region.

rocker recliner

Simple Rocker Recliners

Our most popular entry level motion furniture is a rocker recliner kept affordable by the world’s leading furniture manufacturer, Ashley. Easy-care microfiber upholstery in your choice of earth tones has a reassuring texture and is so easy to maintain. Stains wipe right off while they’re still fresh. With a tug on the lever, your cares will float away as you enjoy chat and/or the main attraction on your set, be it basketball or that series you’re finally binge-watching. A sturdy corner-blocked frame means your rocker recliner with its gentle motion will give you many years of sterling service.

power lift recliner

Advanced Power Lift Recliners

You might need some assistance getting into your ideal position or getting out of your living room recliner, and Signature Design by Ashley says, “No problem!” Our customer-favorite power lift recliner from this brand sports soft chenille-like upholstery. A button hand control drives two motors that operate independently, raising or lowering your neck or the footrest. Take a load off your feet after a hectic week and just take in all the TV action. And for still MORE relaxation, ask about our heat and massage recliners from Ashley!

All this living room recliner excellence is available for less from our Bluefield, WV store and other Roses Flooring and Furniture locations.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Easy Furniture Financing: Check Out Our Take Home Today Plan with $0 Down/120 Days SAME AS CASH!

We’ve all needed help at times because of hardship or bad decisions in the past, so furniture financing at Roses Flooring and Furniture is NEVER complicated nor a hassle. We are here to help you both purchase and immediately enjoy the furniture and mattresses you need AND help you rebuild good credit. In today’s blog post we’re letting you know about a popular plan in which you can “Take Home Today” with $0 down and 120 days to pay with NO interest; that’s right, same as cash!

living room sofa set

How Take Home Today Furniture Financing Works

Thanks to our working with the good folks at Kornerstone, you can purchase furniture and mattresses and take them home NOW with zero down and 120 days to pay same as cash. Better still, if you have bad credit OR no credit, you can apply! Applying for Kornerstone financing does NOT affect you credit score. Approval is based off income history, not credit history. So you’re getting even more than a cool living room set or dinette when you take it home today and pay in 120 days. You’re building good credit, something you can use in the future for even bigger purchases.

entertainment center

Do YOU Qualify for Same-As-Cash Furniture Financing?

To take home that lovely entertainment center or accent console NOW and pay zero interest in 120 days, you need to have a savings or checking account active for the past 90 days. We also require a gross income of $1000 per month – but this can include Social Security and disability. For this furniture financing, you need to be employed at same job for past 90 days or receiving benefits for past 90 days.

Check out this and other awesome furniture and mattress financing options to upgrade YOUR life affordably. Visit our Fayetteville, NC showroom or any Roses Flooring and Furniture location in the Midwest and Southeast to find out how YOU can get quality home furniture with zero down and payment same as cash! You can apply on our website or in store.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Shopping for Kids’ Room Furniture You AND Your Rugrats Will LOVE!

When you’re shopping for kids’ room furniture it’s a tightrope. Not only are you trying to save money (never a problem at Roses Flooring and Furniture!) by purchasing durable twin or full beds and other sturdy pieces of kids’ furniture, but you’re also trying to find something that grabs your kids’ imaginations too. Plus you want it all somehow to fit your home’s main design themes! This may seem daunting, but we at Roses have helped many households just like yours accomplish it.

metal bunk bed

Plan Your Kids’ Furniture Together

First, the secret to success in any endeavor including kids’ furniture shopping is PLANNING. Once you’ve gotten out your trusty tape measure and pencil to take down the square footage you have to work with in your children’s bedroom, here’s an idea. Actually sit down and talk to your youngsters about what they might like. If your 10-year-old’s a tomboy, maybe that white or violet princess twin canopy bed’s not for her. If you’ve got siblings who are friends for life (it happens!), perhaps Appalachian hardwood or industrial tube bunk beds are in order. If you’ve got a budding scholar, then a kids’ desk with shelves for books and maybe display model kits could be exactly what you want.

kids twin panel bed

Think Ahead: Kids’ Furniture’s Adaptability

Okay, so you’ve got an idea of what kids’ room furniture works for you – for now. But be aware. Your young ones are growing and changing so fast. What worked at an earlier stage of development may be passe “baby stuff” in only a year or two. So if you’ve got the cash, sure, invest heavily in a child’s theme, such as a race-car bed, but plan to be back in a couple of years to upgrade. With that in mind, your teenager’s full bed and accessories can be repurposed for an awesome guest room once your young man or lady is out on their own.

Check out the affordable kids’ bedroom furniture and accessories for less at our Henderson, NC store and all our Roses Flooring and Furniture locations, where the selection’s second to none and the price is ALWAYS right!

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Wonder of Microfiber Upholstery

When you get microfiber upholstery for your home at Roses Flooring and Furniture, you know you will get state-of-the-art quality at low prices. But what’s so special about microfiber furniture? What sets apart microfiber upholstery fabric from other synthetics, or natural material for that matter? Today you’re getting a short course in Microfiber Upholstery 101 including pros and cons so you can make the best choice for your home furniture.

microfiber upholstered sofa and loveseat

Where Microfiber Upholstery Came From

This particular form of synthetic fiber has been around for about 60 years. It was first developed in Japan for industrial use. The success of microfiber fabrics caused a spinoff into soft, very easy-care furniture upholstery, unusual among the polyester family for its incredible softness.

microfiber living room recliner

Why Get Microfiber Furniture?

For one thing, microfiber furniture is now legendary for its stain-resistant property. For example, there is the bane of every host’s existence, spilled alcoholic drinks. These are a pain to get out of any other kind of fabric upholstery but just bead up on microfiber cloth or microfiber fake leather, easy to wipe off! Your microfiber sofa will keep looking and feeling great for many years, even with minimal maintenance and even after heavy use with many spills. Cleanups will work with everything from a washcloth to a “magic eraser” stain-lifter. The trick is to get to the stain when it’s still beaded up on the cloth’s surface. Many of our microfiber living room furniture buyers come back and swear that NOTHING shows on them! To keep your microfiber looking especially good, give it an occasional vacuuming as usual.

Does Microfiber Upholstery Have Any Disadvantages?

If static bugs you, then microfiber upholstery will not be a good fit in your home. When something rubs against microfiber upholstery, it often leaves a harmless “swirl” mark that bothers some people. Also, if you have pets that shed, some say the microfiber fabric attracts stray hair like a magnet!

Check out the microsuede living room furniture options at all Roses Flooring and Furniture locations including our store in Henderson, NC. See you soon!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Your Warm-Weather Outdoor Seating Guide

Can you believe another summer’s almost here? Don’t let THIS year’s fantastic opportunities for outdoor fun in the sun go to waste! With the right outdoor seating to grace YOUR porch, patio, or deck, you can be the host with the most whether you have a lanai, tiki bar, or the best barbecue in the county. Here are some of Roses Flooring and Furniture’s pieces of practical advice to make your outdoor seating choice perfect – for you.

resin wicker outdoor seating
Check Outdoor Seating’s Durability
You’ll be amazed at the ingenuity of today’s outdoor seating in terms of materials. One of our most popular deck chair choices looks like wicker but don’t worry. It’s really rainproof resin! The frames for this kind of outdoor seating are likewise built tough with rust-resistant aluminum. Sometimes, as on some of our favorite outdoor chaise lounges, this aluminum frame sports a powdercoated finish for extra protection. All this guarantees your patio chairs will seat your alfresco dinner guests for many happy summers.

Adirondack folding chair

Find Outdoor Chairs in YOUR Style

From commanding captain’s chairs for your outdoor bar to casual sling-back chairs for sipping mai tais or something stronger, outdoor seating must fit your home’s decor and your unique personality. That’s why here you’ll find everything available from traditional resort-style Adirondack folding chairs to roomy outdoor sectionals with performance fabric to resist rain and wear.

For all your outdoor chairs and more awesome home furniture bargains EVERY day, stop by Roses Flooring and Furniture in Bluefield, WV or any of our other locations.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Get a New Area Rug to Renew YOUR Room Affordably

Less of an investment that our fine home furniture, a new area rug can completely transform a room from blah to ahh. A well-appointed rug does three things. It adds visual appeal especially if it has bright colors or a striking pattern or image. This is not only something on which to walk but a conversation piece! The right rug also pulls together disparate elements of your decor. Say you’ve got a big living room and you like both colorful lit-up jukeboxes and Victorian sculpture. Make your room a unified design statement no matter how eclectic your tastes and collections are! Finally, there’s texture, something to touch as well as see. If you love hardwood floors but have cold winters, or you need something you can roll up and use only occasionally, more versatile than wall-to-wall carpet, the right area rug from Roses Flooring and Furniture is just what the designer ordered.

oriental area rug

Ornate Area Rug Patterns for Artistic Refinement

The intricate designs of oriental area rugs have fascinated travelers for centuries. Now thanks to the latest in area rug manufacturing, combining the best of handmade detail meticulously loomed with modern efficiency, the prices of durable reproduction oriental area rugs have gone way down, making these visual treasures much more accessible to the average household.

textured area rug

Plush Area Rugs for Warm Feet on Cold Nights

Carpets are a pain, getting dirty fast and difficult to clean. If your home sports magnificently finished hardwood floors, of course you want to show them off. But in the dead of winter, when the mercury dips well below comfortable as the heat rises in your room, your feet might feel like they need a little love. Before you second-guess yourself on removing burdensome carpeting, there’s an even more satisfying solution in a textured area rug in a finish ranging from velvet to shag. These additions to a room are so comfortable your dog might want to claim your new rug as his own. No problem as there’s plenty of room!

Whatever kind of area rug your room requires, you’ll be sure to find it at our Indianapolis, IN store or any of our other locations, and if you don’t see it in-store, we’ll order it!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Spring Is the Perfect Time for Decluttering

That’s right, spring is coming right up with the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning. Paired with the Shinto-inspired approach of celebrity Marie Kondo (if a thing no longer sparks joy, toss it), here are Roses Flooring and Furniture’s interior design advice for this lovely yet busy time of year! Maybe you’ve had a pack-rat tendency. No more hoarding. Now’s the time to shake it with these fun spring cleaning tips.

canopy bed

Try Tricking the Eye!

Clothing designers have long known that to hide unflattering waists and hip, go crazy with vertical lines as a distraction. It works, so why not try it in your home decor? The details can be columns on a canopy bed, or, more modestly, a narrow accent curio cabinet. Another thing that helps is rather than throw mementos away, display them seasonally or by theme. These can go atop a new accent cabinet while the items out of rotation can go in it! Simple. These cabinets are also handy for keeping a busy home office uncluttered, ready for business. And in the living room you can pack away little used items in a cool storage ottoman.

accent cabinet

Time to Weed Out Unwanted Stuff

Okay, now it’s time for the real spring pruning of your possessions. Remember Marie Kondo’s rule. Put those items in a discard pile or container, “showing no mercy.” We hope you’ll donate many of these things to charity. Oh, and that idea to have a yard sale. It’s an excuse. Toss out items. Now. Another tip is if an item is easy to replace, such as a seldom used appliance, give that away too. VoilĂ ! Bet you forgot you had so much space! Doesn’t it look better now?

For these and furniture ideas stop by our Lumberton, NC store or our many other Roses Flooring and Furniture locations.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Designer’s Tricks: Go Radical with a Sofa-Less Living Room!

Of course Roses Flooring and Furniture has amazing living room sofas and loveseats, and most households swear by the tried and true room setup with your seating gathered around the trusty coffee table or facing the TV stand or entertainment console. But maybe you follow a different fashion muse. Do conventional living rooms BORE you? Here’s a subversive design thought: DON’T get a sofa exactly BECAUSE everybody else has one! That’s right. In this blog post we are encouraging you NOT to buy a piece of furniture that most people think is indispensable. This inside designer info also comes in handy for those of you whose “cozy” living space as described by the ad or realtor turns out to be “cramped.” You too can have an awesome living room with ample comfortable seating MINUS a sofa.

 living room chair

Mix It Up with Benches and Chairs

If easily movable furniture is your ideal, consider the recent trend of multiple chairs to make your living room lively. Armless chairs are a designer’s choice for this look, with a lack of barriers enhancing conversation. Add upholstered benches to the mix and you’ve got a comfy sofa-free party. You can gather around a table or sit theater-style for movie night or the big game.

 oversize ottoman

All Hail the Mighty Ottoman

It’s time the dependable living room ottoman came into its own. It can be so much more than a footrest. A few oversize ones double as both seating and tables according to the situation, plus the ones that open give you more storage. And if you go this route you can be even more rad by ditching both the sofa and the coffee table. More floor space, more fun!

Sprawl on Thick Floor Cushions

If your idea for novel living room furniture is along the lines of the ’70s beanbag fad, we’ve got a more accommodating suggestion. Try thick floor cushions for poufs for the same disarming informality but a smoother “ride” for your guests.

For still more living room furniture ideas nothing to do with sofas, check out our Whiteville, NC store or any of our Roses locations!

Monday, January 7, 2019

How to Make Sure Your Entertainment Furniture Measures Up

First of all, readers, if you’re checking out this blog post, congratulations are in order. You’ve got your dream entertainment room almost all picked out: your cable or satellite service, awesome big-screen TV, games, and sound/speakers. Okay. All you need now is the perfect size TV stand to hold it all! Easy, you might think. But with all the brands and styles at your disposal, your final entertainment furniture selection might well have you stumped. That’s why we at Roses Flooring and Furniture, with our many years of helping households fit out their perfect TV rooms, offer you some free help in making your decision so much easier.

entertainment center

Make Sure It All Fits!

You may be in love with a wall unit but before you buy, do some prep at home. Of course your new TV furniture has to fit into its allotted space! Time to break out the tape measure and pencil. Determine the size you have to fill. Once you’ve done that, check that your set will fit in a given piece of furniture. Your screen size printed on the box it came in measures diagonally, so check the space in an entertainment center accordingly. Extra credit for being extra careful: measure and write down the height of your TV including of course its base.

 TV stand

The Right Sightlines for Health and Perfect Viewing

You get only one pair of eyes so make sure they stay in as good shape as you can. For one thing, your mother’s nagging was right: don’t get too close to the TV! For sets up to 29 inches, make sure you have at least 3 feet between you and the screen. For a 46-inch set up that number to 5 feet, and for jumbo screens just sit yourself back about 7 feet.
Now for something more fun, consider the most comfortable positioning of your TV and furniture for ideal viewing. The best sightline for this is from your eyes when you are seated to the bottom of the screen. To find this out when planning for entertainment furniture, enlist a volunteer for help. Have this person sit on the sofa or chair hold an end of something straight while you walk toward the wall holding the other end and gently mark the spot on the wall with your pencil or crayon. Great. Next, get out your tape measure again and record the height from the floor to that mark. The shelf on which your TV will sit should be 1 foot or less below that mark.

For even more home entertainment furniture ideas stop by our Franklin, VA store or other locations.