Monday, October 15, 2018

Designer’s Tricks: Make the Most of Your Small Living Room

Maybe you’re in your first apartment or starter home. Or you’re leading a nomadic lifestyle with corporate transfers or military assignments. Whatever the reasons, don’t let a square-footage challenge put a damper on your living room furniture dreams. At Roses our accumulated years of experience serving households just like yours plus our research into the world’s top interior designers’ picks are now at your service. Even in a tiny space you can still live large, entertaining with a style that will make your living room furniture the standard that your friends hope to equal. Here then are some design sense and free advice for your small living room.

 living room loveseat

Coziness Is Your Friend

Okay, we admit we’re redefining “cramped” as “cozy.” But a good attitude plus smart design sense in your home furniture will win over your guests every time. The experts say one way to do this is to create an instant homey feeling in your small space, rather than pretend your room is bigger than it is (we’ll get to those tips in a bit). Embrace the smallness! Keep your loveseats and recliners close together, like on a talk-show set (imagine you’re interviewing Brad Pitt or Taylor Swift), and pull these and your well-chosen low coffee table together with a visually and texturally striking area rug. Simple but effective! You and your guests have immediate rapport. On to our next suggestion…

 accent mirror

Tricks with Color

Light creates the illusion of more space. So you can do one or all of these with your intimate living-room space. Go nuts with the cool accent lamps, deck the walls with lovely mirrors, amplifying your room’s natural and artificial light, and/or make your walls a brilliant white. Display a favorite collection of paintings or photos in matching white frames for an art-museum look that won’t come off as cluttered. On that note, if your little living room has one or two windows letting the sun in, go for light-colored window treatments such as draperies or shades.

 living room ottoman

The Versatile Ottoman

While we love coffee tables as much as you likely do, they’re not for everybody. Maybe the best way to make your small room “pop” visually is by using two or more living room ottomans as tables instead. Better still, for a bigger party you can clear them off and voila, extra chairs at your service!

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