Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Tips for Picking Awesome Kids’ Furniture at Roses!

For every sort of kids’ room furniture from classic boys’ bed sets with frontier or nautical themes to traditional princess girls’ bed sets with upholstered panel headboards and gleaming gloss white finishes, Roses Flooring & Furniture is smart families’ affordable go-to! Check out our Southeastern U.S. furniture stores’ astonishing selection from trim boys’ and girls’ dressers to banish clutter to fantastic small kids’ desks to foster good study habits by making this space fun as well as functional. We know the drill. Fast-growing youngsters are brutal on home furniture. That’s why every kids’ piece and set on our showroom floors passes our stringent standards. We care about you and want the next generation and beyond to keep coming back to us! All that said, we’ve learned over many years in the furniture business how best to advise families starting out on how to best choose kids’ furniture. Read on and learn!

boys' bedroom set

First-Rate Kids’ Furniture Materials

In between rough play and rapid development your energetic child can easily turn lesser kids’ furniture into kindling faster than you think. That why Roses Flooring & Furniture offers you the finest materials for your new boys’ or girls’ bedroom set yet at closeout prices. Natural wood such as our classic oak kids’ bunks and kids’ study desks is a rightly regarded favorite, as are medium density fiberboard and plywood with veneers. When you’re in doubt about a kids’ nightstand or boys’ or girls’ dresser, make sure everything is at least 15mm thick, not a problem at Roses! Also, paint for kids’ furniture should be harmless solvents such as acrylic, acrylic-polyurethane, or oil-wax.

girls' bedroom set

Check Your New Kids’ Furniture’s Hardware

The hardware on kids’ furniture is not visible at first sight so inspect a piece or set carefully. The dresser’s or chest’s drawer hinges and other mechanisms should have soft-close runners so your youngster doesn’t pinch her hands using the drawers.

Inspect Kids’ Furniture from All Angles

Take your time on our showroom floors inspecting each kids’ furniture piece you’re interested in. You can best assess the quality of the work and the furniture’s suitability for your child’s needs by looking at it from many different angles.

Consider Kids’ Furniture’s Livability

Next, when shopping for kids’ furniture, let’s look at ergonomics. No, you don’t need an engineering degree though that wouldn’t hurt. We mean imagine this furniture “in action” as your child or children use it every day, slamming drawers and all. A big part of this in picking the right kids’ bed is remembering that your child will grow a lot in a short time. Be sure to allow enough room for that when measuring a kids’ bed. For your child’s desk for study and play, keep in mind that the height should be about 40-45cm for a tyke under 6 years old, 52cm for a 6-7-year-old, 58cm for ages 7-8, and 70cm for 9-11-year-olds. This is important for your child’s posture and eyesight, being able to work comfortably and effectively.

It’s all happening in kids’ furniture and accessories such as fun kids' bedding at Roses Flooring & Furniture!