Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Best Bedroom Layout Options and How to Select Furniture Color to Improve Your Daily Mood

There’s no doubt that well-chosen bedroom furniture from our Southeastern U.S. discount stores enhances any size and shape of boudoir and elevates your mood so you can confidently face all that the new day is to bring. This month, your friends at Roses Flooring & Furniture are taking a look at these aspects of furniture shopping and placement to help you choose the most awesome king or queen bed set and accessories such as drawered nightstands and mirrored dressers – the right ones for your square footage and on-the-go lifestyle. Be still; take it all in. Then shop Roses Flooring & Furniture where you can always and affordably take care of all your home furniture needs in one go! 

simple bedroom set

Fun and Funky Bedroom Layouts That Are Also Practical

It’s tempting to neglect attention to your bedroom furniture’s layout because this is a more private space in your home not subject to much scrutiny except by you and partner. But designers and other experts swear that only does artful rearrangement of your bedroom set make your daily routines go smoother – proper placement of your bed and other essentials will improve your mood in the long run. Even a tiny bedroom or oddly shaped floor can benefit from some strategic thinking in this regard. For instance, if you’ve gotta lotta space to fill, consider adding a sprawling king or California king poster bed plus an accent table and chairs for a sitting area, giving a luxurious “vibe.” This niche can also be ably filled by a classy bedroom vanity with a mirror so you don’t have to elbow for sink space every morning. If you’ve got lots of doors going in and out of your bedroom, better to look at simple frames for your bed. Actually for any small bedroom, design mavens swear “less is more”: actually get a more understated bedroom set such as blond wood inspired by midcentury modern. If you’re blessed to have an attached balcony with your bedroom, keep the floor space in front of those doors clear.

fancy bedroom set in blue room

Choose a Bedroom Color for the Mood You Seek

It’s a well-known design principle that cool colors such as blues and greens calm you down while warm colors such as fiery reds and yellows rev you up! But the right color scheme for your bedroom furniture is as varied as there are people. For example, a gleaming white panel bed might be one couple’s dream but draining to another. Warm colors need not be overstimulating either. Consider the deep cherry hue of many colonial-style bedroom sets. Also, just like the famous little black dress essential to many ladies’ wardrobes, a bedroom set in black gives a grounding, centering feel to your room’s motif.

Whatever your space’s size or design them, the bedroom furniture of your dreams is always affordable at Roses Flooring & Furniture!