Monday, March 11, 2019

Spring Is the Perfect Time for Decluttering

That’s right, spring is coming right up with the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning. Paired with the Shinto-inspired approach of celebrity Marie Kondo (if a thing no longer sparks joy, toss it), here are Roses Flooring and Furniture’s interior design advice for this lovely yet busy time of year! Maybe you’ve had a pack-rat tendency. No more hoarding. Now’s the time to shake it with these fun spring cleaning tips.

canopy bed

Try Tricking the Eye!

Clothing designers have long known that to hide unflattering waists and hip, go crazy with vertical lines as a distraction. It works, so why not try it in your home decor? The details can be columns on a canopy bed, or, more modestly, a narrow accent curio cabinet. Another thing that helps is rather than throw mementos away, display them seasonally or by theme. These can go atop a new accent cabinet while the items out of rotation can go in it! Simple. These cabinets are also handy for keeping a busy home office uncluttered, ready for business. And in the living room you can pack away little used items in a cool storage ottoman.

accent cabinet

Time to Weed Out Unwanted Stuff

Okay, now it’s time for the real spring pruning of your possessions. Remember Marie Kondo’s rule. Put those items in a discard pile or container, “showing no mercy.” We hope you’ll donate many of these things to charity. Oh, and that idea to have a yard sale. It’s an excuse. Toss out items. Now. Another tip is if an item is easy to replace, such as a seldom used appliance, give that away too. VoilĂ ! Bet you forgot you had so much space! Doesn’t it look better now?

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