Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Tips for Picking Awesome Kids’ Furniture at Roses!

For every sort of kids’ room furniture from classic boys’ bed sets with frontier or nautical themes to traditional princess girls’ bed sets with upholstered panel headboards and gleaming gloss white finishes, Roses Flooring & Furniture is smart families’ affordable go-to! Check out our Southeastern U.S. furniture stores’ astonishing selection from trim boys’ and girls’ dressers to banish clutter to fantastic small kids’ desks to foster good study habits by making this space fun as well as functional. We know the drill. Fast-growing youngsters are brutal on home furniture. That’s why every kids’ piece and set on our showroom floors passes our stringent standards. We care about you and want the next generation and beyond to keep coming back to us! All that said, we’ve learned over many years in the furniture business how best to advise families starting out on how to best choose kids’ furniture. Read on and learn!

boys' bedroom set

First-Rate Kids’ Furniture Materials

In between rough play and rapid development your energetic child can easily turn lesser kids’ furniture into kindling faster than you think. That why Roses Flooring & Furniture offers you the finest materials for your new boys’ or girls’ bedroom set yet at closeout prices. Natural wood such as our classic oak kids’ bunks and kids’ study desks is a rightly regarded favorite, as are medium density fiberboard and plywood with veneers. When you’re in doubt about a kids’ nightstand or boys’ or girls’ dresser, make sure everything is at least 15mm thick, not a problem at Roses! Also, paint for kids’ furniture should be harmless solvents such as acrylic, acrylic-polyurethane, or oil-wax.

girls' bedroom set

Check Your New Kids’ Furniture’s Hardware

The hardware on kids’ furniture is not visible at first sight so inspect a piece or set carefully. The dresser’s or chest’s drawer hinges and other mechanisms should have soft-close runners so your youngster doesn’t pinch her hands using the drawers.

Inspect Kids’ Furniture from All Angles

Take your time on our showroom floors inspecting each kids’ furniture piece you’re interested in. You can best assess the quality of the work and the furniture’s suitability for your child’s needs by looking at it from many different angles.

Consider Kids’ Furniture’s Livability

Next, when shopping for kids’ furniture, let’s look at ergonomics. No, you don’t need an engineering degree though that wouldn’t hurt. We mean imagine this furniture “in action” as your child or children use it every day, slamming drawers and all. A big part of this in picking the right kids’ bed is remembering that your child will grow a lot in a short time. Be sure to allow enough room for that when measuring a kids’ bed. For your child’s desk for study and play, keep in mind that the height should be about 40-45cm for a tyke under 6 years old, 52cm for a 6-7-year-old, 58cm for ages 7-8, and 70cm for 9-11-year-olds. This is important for your child’s posture and eyesight, being able to work comfortably and effectively.

It’s all happening in kids’ furniture and accessories such as fun kids' bedding at Roses Flooring & Furniture!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Remote-Work Fundamentals for Your Awesome Home Office Furniture from Roses!

As you’ve figured out by now you are far from the first person locally to be looking for trim, comfortable and durable home office furniture to transform a corner of your abode into a high-function workstation. The remote-work revolution has been an example of creative destruction freeing many, many workers from the drudgery of a long commute and spending all day apart from the people and things they love. If that’s you, wonderful. Let’s celebrate! But before you stop by Roses Flooring & Furniture to choose a cool L-shape office desk or sit-stand desk converter so you can stretch in place by alternating sitting and standing as you dictate those emails, let’s take a look at the essentials you’ll need to make your work-at-home adventure a smashing success. Our Southeastern U.S. furniture stores are here to turn your dream job into a wondrous reality, and in a way that won’t put a big dent in your financial plans!

modern home office chair


Well-Placed Home Office Desks and Chairs: Location, Location, Location!

As you look in your home for a place to strategically park your new executive desk and ultra-cushioned, neck-cradling office chair, be honest with yourself. Can you really work amid distractions such as your partner watching TV in the living room or your little ones and pets underfoot? If you can’t dedicate a whole spare bedroom to your home office, and you don’t need that to receive patients or clients face-to-face, consider something quieter such as a disused walk-in closet, properly ventilated of course. Here you or your resident budding scholar can work without undue noise getting in the way. Most of our customers appreciate a nook that’s near your home’s activity but far enough away so they can concentrate, oh, and have video meetings, a staple of 2020s work life, without interruptions!

modern home office desk


How Much Room Do You Need for Your Home Workstation?

Next when designing the space for your new home office bookcases or file cabinets, take stock of all you’ve got for your job, break out the tape measure, and stake out your space! Ask yourself these crucial questions. Will I have enough room to move comfortably side to side, stand without bumping into anything, and comfortably sit back from your desk? Nobody is expecting you to sit ramrod straight in a broom closet all day. Professional designers suggest that for most remote-work setups you need about 5 feet by 7 feet of space. If you think you need more, consider one of our very movable bookcases, both libraries and mobile walls so your office can stretch like it never could before!

home office bookcase


Choose Your Office Desk and Chair Wisely

We recommend a sturdy home office desk at least 4 feet across, sufficient for most modern business activity such as with your laptop and docking station. As for choosing an office chair, it would be best for you to stop by the Roses Flooring & Furniture store nearest you to “test drive” a few. That cool-looking midcentury number might leave you feeling pinched and cramped while a wide wood banker’s chair may be the ideal complement to your home’s classic design as well as a practical place to sit for long periods.

Let’s get started on kitting out your ideal home office with cool work-from-home furniture always for closeout prices at Roses Flooring & Furniture!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

In Time for the Holidays: The Ins and Outs of Awesome Accent Furniture from Roses

Now that you’re gearing up for the holidays, it’s time to rethink your home’s accent furniture to better reflect who you are now as well as get in tune with the seasons. Particularly if you’ve had your home for a long time, people can change a lot, so you want decor items that mirror that in your personality, your experiences, and your aspirations. Luckily for you there’s the vast, seemingly endless selection of home accents and furniture accessories always available at Roses Flooring & Furniture! Count on our U.S. Midwest and Southeast furniture stores. We take the guesswork out of choosing and buying the perfect home accents for any abode. That’s because we have a keen eye for materials and construction based on our many years of accumulated knowledge. Show us the rooms you want to refresh and redecorate – here’s where pictures on your smartphone come in handy – and like a fairy-godmother design maven, Roses Flooring & Furniture makes the magic happen!

accent pouf

Just What Is Accent Furniture?

Here’s a quick interior-decorating lesson: furniture stores and designers define accent furniture as any piece of furniture that’s not essential or the main focus in the room. For example, in your living room you may have a sofa and coffee table, while a pouf chair or wall photo print is an accent. So is the console cabinet on which you place your favorite table lamp to spotlight your perfect matching photo frames of your once-in-a-lifetime vacation abroad. See what we mean? So accent furniture is anything extra to your room. Think of your home like a person dressing up. Our accent pieces are to your room as your fashion accessories are to you! They’re like the missing piece of the puzzle so something seems “off” if they’re not there. You may not strictly need that favorite felt hat, violent scarf or Amish-made belt but you’d miss them terribly if you had to go out without them. Same idea! When you don’t have enough home accents, you risk having a room that’s boring and lifeless. That’s why designers love subtly spicing things up with decorative painting or piles of accent pillows. And now, thanks to Roses Flooring & Furniture, so can you!

accent cabinet

Clever Uses for Accent Decor

Here are some design secrets to effectively use accent furniture that we’ve picked over our many years in the furniture business. Is your room a bit shadowy even in the midsummer sun? Try not just accent lighting such as floor lamps and wall sconces. Save on your electric bill with strategically placed accent mirrors in lovely frames gracing your walls. An accent furniture piece need not be small either, only secondary to your room’s use, so a long accent cabinet or bookcase partition successfully grabs your attention, making the space interesting. Also, “the bolder, the better.” Your choice of accent accessories visually should deliver what designers call “pop.” They call attention to themselves exactly because they don’t match the rest of your room perfectly!

This upcoming holiday season give yourself the gift of beautiful home accents the right way from Roses Flooring & Furniture!

Friday, October 8, 2021

How to Pick the Perfect Dining Furniture for Your Space and Comfort

Yet another dining furniture season is here as customers like you anticipate Thanksgiving and the December holidays. You need not dread this but rather enjoy it thanks to Roses Flooring & Furniture’s phenomenal selections in this category. These include dining sets great and small. Remember: you don’t have to get your new dining table and chairs from the same set. Mix things up a bit for visual interest and for your comfort, and just to show off an endearing quirkiness through your d├ęcor as you serve another course of hospitality. Whether you’ve decided to get your dining table and chairs separately, or you want to keep the table you’ve got and upgrade the dining room seating, our Southeastern U.S. furniture stores have the styles and bargains you seek. Either scenario is an opportunity to refresh your decor affordably. Your dining room is a major stage to show off your hosting. We empower you to make the most of it! Here are some ideas to consider, based on professional interior design principles.

dining set with bench


The Fun of Dining Room Benches

Roses’ assortment of dining room benches are a perennial favorite among families with young children that really use their dining furniture daily. They’re rugged and easy for restless youngsters to get on and off without disturbing anything or anyone. So consider getting one or two alongside traditional chairs.

dining chairs


Some Side Chair Advice

The dominant design principle for dining side chairs is that simpler patterns are more attractive in multiples. Go for materials that look solid and steer clear from bolder patterns. Will your dining furniture be doing double duty for porch or deck parties? Consider a side chair design that’s easily stackable. Is your dining room small? In that case, designers recommend side chairs with a “light” look such as an open back, extending your room’s sightlines for an optical illusion of more depth.

Slightly More Posh End Chairs for a Touch of Class

A time-honored way to arrange your dining room is to have a rectangular table with the places of honor at either end, distinguished by captain’s chairs with arms. This adds visual interest as well. Another reason for this preference is you can maximize your seating around the whole table. If you do go upscale with your end chairs, just be sure to measure carefully so you know they can slide into your table. One thing to watch for when doing this: tabletops are often thicker than you think. Another suggestion for stunning dining room end chairs is to make sure they complement your living room furniture because you might want to pull them into that room after dinner.

Cool, Different Dining Furniture: Avoid Matchy-Matchy

Choosing your dining room chairs apart from the table affords you an interior design opportunity the pros love: having dining room furniture that complements each other but doesn’t match exactly, considered a mark of elegance. This is also why contrasting end and side chairs are a favorite dining room choice. Another example of dining room furniture complementarity is to have all chairs and the table be of the same material, say, wood, but with chair legs differing from the table’s. Alternatively, you can contrast a traditional wooden table with some metal or clear plastic in your chairs.

For all your dining furniture requirements this season and beyond, including fun bar stools, enjoy the Roses difference in high quality and down-to-earth prices!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Ideas for Your Home Accent Makeover This Fall from Roses Flooring & Furniture

Why add lovely home furniture accessories from Roses Flooring & Furniture when you’ve got all the essential furniture for your residence? When you have dead space in your room or it’s out of balance, cool accent furniture is your ready answer. Come to us for the most comprehensive selection and low prices to restore harmony to your home. You don’t need to be a master of feng shui to sense that something’s “off.” Use our experienced eye to find you just that end table or accent lighting to fill empty spots so that your home is the showplace it deserves to be! This month your friends at the premier Southeastern U.S. discount furniture outlet will present you with some fun ideas to transform your space this fall from blah to “Ah!”

accent rug


Cool Accent Rugs Add Texture and Color Interest

If you need a break from the monotony of even the best hardwood floor, a well-placed accent rug from Roses Flooring & Furniture does the job beautifully and economically. Our showroom floor will present you with choices as diverse as area rugs from traditional Oriental to pop-art, or accent doormats and runner rugs to liven up your foyer, subtly impressing guests with design chic. One of our personal favorites is a medium rug from a well-known pricecutting brand that takes its cue from Mondrian, abstract but orderly. Lots of squares and rectangles come together like a finished puzzle in muted colors for a calming effect. Machine-made so the price is right, this accent rug is made all of olefin so it’s tough and stain-resistant (dry clean only). It has fine rugs’ jute-polyester backing. Not only will we set you up right with the ideal accent rug for your room. With one of our rug pads we’ll also help you anchor it to your floor properly.

accent wall art


Make Accent Wall Art a Conversation Piece

The right accent wall art will bring your room to life and even be fun conversation pieces. Do you have more wall space than your mementos can fill? Whether your favorite art period features traditional still lifes or dreamy impressionism, or even Pollack-style abstraction, we have beautiful paintings that make a statement about who you are. These unframed gallery-wrapped canvases come with D-ring bracket hangers, ready to go!

All the finest home accents from room dividers to throw blankets are always available and affordable at Roses Flooring & Furniture. Make your design dreams a beautiful reality with us. See you soon!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

How to Choose the Right Mattress for You!

Our state-of-the-art mattress stores in the Southeastern U.S. offer the shopper so many options it’s hard to choose from! That’s why this month you friends at Roses Flooring & Furniture are helping you with a few basics so when you do stop by for one of our ongoing mattress deals, we can steer you in the right direction. Once you’re in-store our friendly and knowledgeable staff can learn a little more about what you seek in an innerspring or hybrid mattress to make sure your choice serves your comfort and health needs best!

king mattress and foundation


Which Sleep Position Do You Prefer?

A new mattress might feel good at first but your preferred sleeping position might require a different firmness or extra head and neck support so you get the long-term health benefits over your king or queen mattress’s 10-year service life. So the first thing you’ve got to do is take an honest assessment of your sleep habits to determine your most frequently used sleep position, side, back or stomach.

Medium-Firm Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Most of our mattress store customers prefer to sleep on their side; about 3 out of 4 of you. In that case, make sure the medium-firm mattress you choose gives you enough support for your shoulders and hips. However, the mattress should be soft enough for some “give” to accommodate your elbow! Your new mattress will need enough padding to eliminate painful pressure points.

Firm to Soft Mattresses for Back Sleepers

If you’re one of the relatively few back sleepers, you’re in luck because shopping our mattress deals is so simple! Just about any of our full mattresses, for example, will give you the spinal alignment you need. What you’ve got to watch out for is proper head and neck alignment particularly if you suffer from sleep apnea, acid reflux or snoring. So you want a memory-foam mattress rather on the firm side to keep your head slightly elevated. That way you and a partner will enjoy an uninterrupted 7-9 hours of downtime in which your muscles rebuild and your mind dreams!

The Strongest Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Our firmest hybrid mattresses are best for the very few of you who are stomach sleepers. Don’t get a plush mattress because you won’t get adequate support from it. To best benefit from your new mattress, you need some resistance for your stomach muscles to keep your neck and spine aligned properly through the night.

No matter the size or firmness you require, get it from Roses’ mattress store showroom for less!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Best Bedroom Layout Options and How to Select Furniture Color to Improve Your Daily Mood

There’s no doubt that well-chosen bedroom furniture from our Southeastern U.S. discount stores enhances any size and shape of boudoir and elevates your mood so you can confidently face all that the new day is to bring. This month, your friends at Roses Flooring & Furniture are taking a look at these aspects of furniture shopping and placement to help you choose the most awesome king or queen bed set and accessories such as drawered nightstands and mirrored dressers – the right ones for your square footage and on-the-go lifestyle. Be still; take it all in. Then shop Roses Flooring & Furniture where you can always and affordably take care of all your home furniture needs in one go! 

simple bedroom set

Fun and Funky Bedroom Layouts That Are Also Practical

It’s tempting to neglect attention to your bedroom furniture’s layout because this is a more private space in your home not subject to much scrutiny except by you and partner. But designers and other experts swear that only does artful rearrangement of your bedroom set make your daily routines go smoother – proper placement of your bed and other essentials will improve your mood in the long run. Even a tiny bedroom or oddly shaped floor can benefit from some strategic thinking in this regard. For instance, if you’ve gotta lotta space to fill, consider adding a sprawling king or California king poster bed plus an accent table and chairs for a sitting area, giving a luxurious “vibe.” This niche can also be ably filled by a classy bedroom vanity with a mirror so you don’t have to elbow for sink space every morning. If you’ve got lots of doors going in and out of your bedroom, better to look at simple frames for your bed. Actually for any small bedroom, design mavens swear “less is more”: actually get a more understated bedroom set such as blond wood inspired by midcentury modern. If you’re blessed to have an attached balcony with your bedroom, keep the floor space in front of those doors clear.

fancy bedroom set in blue room

Choose a Bedroom Color for the Mood You Seek

It’s a well-known design principle that cool colors such as blues and greens calm you down while warm colors such as fiery reds and yellows rev you up! But the right color scheme for your bedroom furniture is as varied as there are people. For example, a gleaming white panel bed might be one couple’s dream but draining to another. Warm colors need not be overstimulating either. Consider the deep cherry hue of many colonial-style bedroom sets. Also, just like the famous little black dress essential to many ladies’ wardrobes, a bedroom set in black gives a grounding, centering feel to your room’s motif.

Whatever your space’s size or design them, the bedroom furniture of your dreams is always affordable at Roses Flooring & Furniture!

Friday, July 2, 2021

With Our Easy Financing and Leasing, Get YOUR New Furniture This Summer!

 As life gets back to normal after the pandemic, you may have noticed during your long stays at home that your furniture and mattresses are a bit worse for wear. The good news at Roses Flooring & Furniture is that when you need a helping hand, or you’re worried about past money woes, our stores have got you covered with easy and fair furniture financing and leasing options! At our stores, you, smart shoppers in the U.S. Midwest and Southeast, DON’T have to spend all of your stimulus cash on renewing your home’s look and livability. That’s because not only are our furniture discounters ninjas at slashing unnecessary costs to get you the pieces and sets of your dreams. We also make it simple to buy now and pay later.

Get a Good Start Through Fair Furniture Financing

Thanks to our furniture financing options from several lenders, we can send you home with that awesome TV stand or dinette set right away. For example, apply online to borrow up to $5,000 through Kornerstone Credit and get an INSTANT response. Most applicants get approved! The payment plans through this outstanding lender are flexible to fit your life’s circumstances, so making these monthly installments is easy! Best of all, even though you don’t need credit to apply, credit bureaus favorably notice a good payment record. Kornerstone Credit also offers a same-as-cash 90-day buyout incentive.

No Credit? Never a Problem with Our Furniture Leasing Options

If bad or no credit is an issue, ask us about our furniture lease-to-own plans or 12-month free layaway. For instance, our friends at American First Finance are really to approve you regardless of your credit history! They do run a credit check but that doesn’t determine your eligibility. This lender makes keeping track of your payments easy, AND offers incentives such as a ZERO-interest 101-day early buyout option.

Yes, you CAN affordably refurnish your home NOW thanks to our superb furniture financing. Stop by your nearest Roses Flooring & Furniture store serving the U.S. Midwest and Southeast with REAL choices for a change!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Exciting and Durable Furniture Styles and Construction at Roses Flooring & Furniture!

 At Roses Flooring & Furniture we know that no two households’ tastes and needs are the same. That’s why our incredible discount furniture stores serve the U.S. Central Midwest and Southeast with a phenomenal diversity of styles and construction, all from leading brands but with excess costs slashed. That way you ALWAYS save big when you shop us both in-store and online for your changing home furniture needs.

classic style California king bed


Our Wide Choice of Furniture Designs Ready for You to Enjoy

The range of home furniture styles you can find any day at Roses Flooring & Furniture runs the whole spectrum. Whether you prefer understated colonial elegance in a walnut or cherry finish for your dining set, opulent Victorian design with intricate woodwork details for your new California king bed, top-grain leather in deep brown for your living room sofa set, and a mahogany finish for your entertainment center, or just can’t get enough sleek midcentury modern for your bedroom furniture, we’ve got it and at a price TOO good to pass up! We also offer much transitional style furniture such as the hardworking family’s favorite brand, Ashley, ready to serve you with a deep, comfy sofa and loveseat duo and/or oversize ottoman to enjoy! No matter your design dream, the Roses Flooring & Furniture difference in selection means YOURS is right here, waiting for you to take home and LOVE!

contemporary sofa set


Rugged Material in Our Furniture Construction, Made for Everyday Use

The diversity of tough but attractive materials that go into our home furniture construction is another very important reason smart shoppers love the Roses Flooring & Furniture difference. Often this is a combination of beautiful veneers such as acacia married to money-saving manmade frame construction such as engineered wood, including medium density fiberboard. We also carry many items featuring tempered glass tabletops or shelves, and sleek steel frames that will give you many years of enjoyment AND service. And if you’ve got young children and pets in your household, or you do a LOT of entertaining, don’t forget to ask us about our performance polyester upholstery so you can just wipe off spills, with no worries!

Check out the Roses Flooring & Furniture difference online and in-store to find YOUR ideal home furniture with pickup or delivery!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Phenomenal Furniture Deals: Celebrate YOUR Tax Refund the Smart Way

All right; you got a good-sized tax break this season. Congratulations! Spend wisely thanks to the home furniture and mattress deals on this March in the Southeast, Indiana and Ohio ONLY at Roses Flooring & Furniture! See, we offer you first-rate home furnishings and state-of-the-art mattresses at deep discounts. Yet we manage to stay open because we do the bargain-hunting for you. We do this by constantly finding and buying truckloads of discontinued furniture from sought-after brands such as Ashley furniture, AND of course we pass down that massive price break to hardworking shoppers like you! There’s no question: when you have a wad of cash from Uncle Sam, Roses is THE place to stretch it to the fullest!

living room sectional


Awesome Sectional Sofa Selection and Savings

Sprawl out decadently on one of our sectional sofas for less this tax season. One of our customer favorites on our floor this year is a long, luxurious three-piece sectional clad in plush charcoal gray polyester in a clean, unencumbered contemporary design adaptable to many room decors. This L-shaped beauty comes with a chaise on either the left or right side, all balanced perfectly on wide foot with a wood-look finish. Best of all, you and your family or friends can sink into the deep, dense foam cushions atop pocketed coils. These design details give your new Ashley sectional the smoothest living room “ride” of your life. The deep gray upholstery is wonderfully offset by three polyfill accent pillows covered in an abstract pattering in black and white. You can even up the relaxation factor by making yours a reclining sectional for the ultimate in chilling out!

reclining sofa set


Cool Ashley Motion Furniture for Your Entertaining

Our Southeast customers are wild about Roses’ selection of motion furniture, and when you see and try out our reclining sofa sets you’ll readily see and feel why! How does a smartly designed reclining sofa and double reclining loveseat with a center console sound? With the turn of the controls you and your guests can stretch out comfortably. With these affordable motion furniture options you can rock the look of leather minus the cost or the upkeep, or go with one of our many polyester upholstery options, from classic patters to bold primary colors to classic grays and browns.

rocker recliner


Great Living Room Recliners for Easy Relaxation!

When you’re in the market for a fantastic living room recliner but you want to spread out your tax refund this year, an Ashley rocker recliner from Roses may be just what you’re looking for. These come in everything from fiery red to sedate tan, but all sport fine lines and luxurious curves you can sink your tired self into. These living room recliners feature both a gentle rocking motion and simple lever action to open and shut.

Keep a big chunk of YOUR tax refund by re-visioning your home furniture the Roses Flooring & Furniture way!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

This January, Reap the Super Savings on Living Room Furniture at Roses!

For this month’s blog post Roses Flooring & Furniture is featuring living room sets and the extraordinary savings ALWAYS available only from us! We get it. You NEED living room furniture that’s multipurpose, not just for show like you might remember growing up. Today’s lounge furniture fits open floor plans and casual friendly lifestyles. You want something comfy enough for you and the fam to chill on after a stress and action-packed day. Roses has got you on this. But let’s be honest. You ALSO want to impress your friends. Of course bragging is uncool so say it with NO words and a lot of furniture style. Your guests will feel the luxury as they sit and look around the room. They can’t quite articulate it so they won’t tell you, but they DO notice, and feel, your sense of sophistication. This is your home’s prime stage for you as a host, your chance to shine as a star. With Roses’ fair prices on awesome pieces and sets, from accent poufs to coffee tables baroque to modern, you’ll crush it, every time, and NEVER breaking the bank!

Victorian sofa set


Delightful Sofa Sets That Are Easy on Your Budget

Take in the big game or your favorite series sitting pretty on a new sofa set from Roses! These babies are built to LAST with hardwood frames reinforced in all the right places, holding stress relief in the form of pocketed steel coils and ultradense, resilient foam cushions. Our featured couch and loveseat combo in this month’s blog post harkens back to romantic Victorian grandeur with its intricate woodwork details, decadently soft rolled armrests, and, best of all, its velvet-feel mocha polyester upholstery stuffed with CertiPUR foam. If you’re feeling patriotic, know that this awesome three- and two-seater sofa set is made in the USA and is eco-friendly in its manufacture.

Dark brown sectional and ottoman


Sprawling Sectional Sofa Luxury at a Down-to-Earth Price

And when you’ve got the square feet to stretch out luxuriously in your space, check out our amazing sectional sofa selection from simple 2-piece models in charcoal gray polyester with a chaise to massive home-theater sectionals in polyurethane with reclining and adjustable headrests. Our featured model this month has supple DuraBlend faux leather on the seats matching durable vinyl elsewhere. Button tufting distinguishes the deep back cushions. Best of all, this relaxing chaise sectional can come with an oversize ottoman than can do double duty as extra seating, a footstool OR a table for your plate!

Re-think YOUR living room for less. The super furniture savings are ON this January at Roses!