Wednesday, October 27, 2021

In Time for the Holidays: The Ins and Outs of Awesome Accent Furniture from Roses

Now that you’re gearing up for the holidays, it’s time to rethink your home’s accent furniture to better reflect who you are now as well as get in tune with the seasons. Particularly if you’ve had your home for a long time, people can change a lot, so you want decor items that mirror that in your personality, your experiences, and your aspirations. Luckily for you there’s the vast, seemingly endless selection of home accents and furniture accessories always available at Roses Flooring & Furniture! Count on our U.S. Midwest and Southeast furniture stores. We take the guesswork out of choosing and buying the perfect home accents for any abode. That’s because we have a keen eye for materials and construction based on our many years of accumulated knowledge. Show us the rooms you want to refresh and redecorate – here’s where pictures on your smartphone come in handy – and like a fairy-godmother design maven, Roses Flooring & Furniture makes the magic happen!

accent pouf

Just What Is Accent Furniture?

Here’s a quick interior-decorating lesson: furniture stores and designers define accent furniture as any piece of furniture that’s not essential or the main focus in the room. For example, in your living room you may have a sofa and coffee table, while a pouf chair or wall photo print is an accent. So is the console cabinet on which you place your favorite table lamp to spotlight your perfect matching photo frames of your once-in-a-lifetime vacation abroad. See what we mean? So accent furniture is anything extra to your room. Think of your home like a person dressing up. Our accent pieces are to your room as your fashion accessories are to you! They’re like the missing piece of the puzzle so something seems “off” if they’re not there. You may not strictly need that favorite felt hat, violent scarf or Amish-made belt but you’d miss them terribly if you had to go out without them. Same idea! When you don’t have enough home accents, you risk having a room that’s boring and lifeless. That’s why designers love subtly spicing things up with decorative painting or piles of accent pillows. And now, thanks to Roses Flooring & Furniture, so can you!

accent cabinet

Clever Uses for Accent Decor

Here are some design secrets to effectively use accent furniture that we’ve picked over our many years in the furniture business. Is your room a bit shadowy even in the midsummer sun? Try not just accent lighting such as floor lamps and wall sconces. Save on your electric bill with strategically placed accent mirrors in lovely frames gracing your walls. An accent furniture piece need not be small either, only secondary to your room’s use, so a long accent cabinet or bookcase partition successfully grabs your attention, making the space interesting. Also, “the bolder, the better.” Your choice of accent accessories visually should deliver what designers call “pop.” They call attention to themselves exactly because they don’t match the rest of your room perfectly!

This upcoming holiday season give yourself the gift of beautiful home accents the right way from Roses Flooring & Furniture!

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