Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Remote-Work Fundamentals for Your Awesome Home Office Furniture from Roses!

As you’ve figured out by now you are far from the first person locally to be looking for trim, comfortable and durable home office furniture to transform a corner of your abode into a high-function workstation. The remote-work revolution has been an example of creative destruction freeing many, many workers from the drudgery of a long commute and spending all day apart from the people and things they love. If that’s you, wonderful. Let’s celebrate! But before you stop by Roses Flooring & Furniture to choose a cool L-shape office desk or sit-stand desk converter so you can stretch in place by alternating sitting and standing as you dictate those emails, let’s take a look at the essentials you’ll need to make your work-at-home adventure a smashing success. Our Southeastern U.S. furniture stores are here to turn your dream job into a wondrous reality, and in a way that won’t put a big dent in your financial plans!

modern home office chair


Well-Placed Home Office Desks and Chairs: Location, Location, Location!

As you look in your home for a place to strategically park your new executive desk and ultra-cushioned, neck-cradling office chair, be honest with yourself. Can you really work amid distractions such as your partner watching TV in the living room or your little ones and pets underfoot? If you can’t dedicate a whole spare bedroom to your home office, and you don’t need that to receive patients or clients face-to-face, consider something quieter such as a disused walk-in closet, properly ventilated of course. Here you or your resident budding scholar can work without undue noise getting in the way. Most of our customers appreciate a nook that’s near your home’s activity but far enough away so they can concentrate, oh, and have video meetings, a staple of 2020s work life, without interruptions!

modern home office desk


How Much Room Do You Need for Your Home Workstation?

Next when designing the space for your new home office bookcases or file cabinets, take stock of all you’ve got for your job, break out the tape measure, and stake out your space! Ask yourself these crucial questions. Will I have enough room to move comfortably side to side, stand without bumping into anything, and comfortably sit back from your desk? Nobody is expecting you to sit ramrod straight in a broom closet all day. Professional designers suggest that for most remote-work setups you need about 5 feet by 7 feet of space. If you think you need more, consider one of our very movable bookcases, both libraries and mobile walls so your office can stretch like it never could before!

home office bookcase


Choose Your Office Desk and Chair Wisely

We recommend a sturdy home office desk at least 4 feet across, sufficient for most modern business activity such as with your laptop and docking station. As for choosing an office chair, it would be best for you to stop by the Roses Flooring & Furniture store nearest you to “test drive” a few. That cool-looking midcentury number might leave you feeling pinched and cramped while a wide wood banker’s chair may be the ideal complement to your home’s classic design as well as a practical place to sit for long periods.

Let’s get started on kitting out your ideal home office with cool work-from-home furniture always for closeout prices at Roses Flooring & Furniture!

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