Thursday, August 8, 2019

Shopping for Kids’ Room Furniture You AND Your Rugrats Will LOVE!

When you’re shopping for kids’ room furniture it’s a tightrope. Not only are you trying to save money (never a problem at Roses Flooring and Furniture!) by purchasing durable twin or full beds and other sturdy pieces of kids’ furniture, but you’re also trying to find something that grabs your kids’ imaginations too. Plus you want it all somehow to fit your home’s main design themes! This may seem daunting, but we at Roses have helped many households just like yours accomplish it.

metal bunk bed

Plan Your Kids’ Furniture Together

First, the secret to success in any endeavor including kids’ furniture shopping is PLANNING. Once you’ve gotten out your trusty tape measure and pencil to take down the square footage you have to work with in your children’s bedroom, here’s an idea. Actually sit down and talk to your youngsters about what they might like. If your 10-year-old’s a tomboy, maybe that white or violet princess twin canopy bed’s not for her. If you’ve got siblings who are friends for life (it happens!), perhaps Appalachian hardwood or industrial tube bunk beds are in order. If you’ve got a budding scholar, then a kids’ desk with shelves for books and maybe display model kits could be exactly what you want.

kids twin panel bed

Think Ahead: Kids’ Furniture’s Adaptability

Okay, so you’ve got an idea of what kids’ room furniture works for you – for now. But be aware. Your young ones are growing and changing so fast. What worked at an earlier stage of development may be passe “baby stuff” in only a year or two. So if you’ve got the cash, sure, invest heavily in a child’s theme, such as a race-car bed, but plan to be back in a couple of years to upgrade. With that in mind, your teenager’s full bed and accessories can be repurposed for an awesome guest room once your young man or lady is out on their own.

Check out the affordable kids’ bedroom furniture and accessories for less at our Henderson, NC store and all our Roses Flooring and Furniture locations, where the selection’s second to none and the price is ALWAYS right!

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