Monday, April 8, 2019

Get a New Area Rug to Renew YOUR Room Affordably

Less of an investment that our fine home furniture, a new area rug can completely transform a room from blah to ahh. A well-appointed rug does three things. It adds visual appeal especially if it has bright colors or a striking pattern or image. This is not only something on which to walk but a conversation piece! The right rug also pulls together disparate elements of your decor. Say you’ve got a big living room and you like both colorful lit-up jukeboxes and Victorian sculpture. Make your room a unified design statement no matter how eclectic your tastes and collections are! Finally, there’s texture, something to touch as well as see. If you love hardwood floors but have cold winters, or you need something you can roll up and use only occasionally, more versatile than wall-to-wall carpet, the right area rug from Roses Flooring and Furniture is just what the designer ordered.

oriental area rug

Ornate Area Rug Patterns for Artistic Refinement

The intricate designs of oriental area rugs have fascinated travelers for centuries. Now thanks to the latest in area rug manufacturing, combining the best of handmade detail meticulously loomed with modern efficiency, the prices of durable reproduction oriental area rugs have gone way down, making these visual treasures much more accessible to the average household.

textured area rug

Plush Area Rugs for Warm Feet on Cold Nights

Carpets are a pain, getting dirty fast and difficult to clean. If your home sports magnificently finished hardwood floors, of course you want to show them off. But in the dead of winter, when the mercury dips well below comfortable as the heat rises in your room, your feet might feel like they need a little love. Before you second-guess yourself on removing burdensome carpeting, there’s an even more satisfying solution in a textured area rug in a finish ranging from velvet to shag. These additions to a room are so comfortable your dog might want to claim your new rug as his own. No problem as there’s plenty of room!

Whatever kind of area rug your room requires, you’ll be sure to find it at our Indianapolis, IN store or any of our other locations, and if you don’t see it in-store, we’ll order it!

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