Friday, November 1, 2019

Rethink Dining Furniture: Fall’s YOUR Big Chance!

For just about everybody, fall and the holidays are when dining room furniture is most important in the home. This is prime time gathering season when many of you host family and friends for special meals. If your dining set disappoints you, you don’t have to put up with it anymore. Roses Flooring & Furniture is budget-savvy households’ mainstay for chic fashion and family-friendly durability from top brands! Your choices range from classic woodwork to tempered glass and chrome for a sleek modern look.

full dining set with bench

Live Large: Full Dining Sets

Whether you’re “to the manor born” or just want to look like it, one of Roses’ complete dining room sets gives your home an instant aura of family and tradition ideal for serving the holiday turkey and all the trimmings! These grand dining sets have everything you need to make your meal go smoothly, such as dining buffets to clear table space and generous extension tables with drop leaves so there is a place for everyone. Whether it’s your birth family or your most loved friends, all will be at home sitting at your beautiful new dining set! One of our dining benches is great if you’re got children among your guests.

small dining set

Relax: Small Dining Sets

While the holidays are best known for big do’s, our small dining sets are also ideal for everyday use in breakfast nooks or for apartment living. A round table means everybody can see each other over fantastic food and conversation. PU-upholstered dining chairs means not only comfort but easy care and many years of good use.

When your dining room furniture needs a makeover, our Richmond,VA store is ready to assist, and in time for the holidays!

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