Monday, January 7, 2019

How to Make Sure Your Entertainment Furniture Measures Up

First of all, readers, if you’re checking out this blog post, congratulations are in order. You’ve got your dream entertainment room almost all picked out: your cable or satellite service, awesome big-screen TV, games, and sound/speakers. Okay. All you need now is the perfect size TV stand to hold it all! Easy, you might think. But with all the brands and styles at your disposal, your final entertainment furniture selection might well have you stumped. That’s why we at Roses Flooring and Furniture, with our many years of helping households fit out their perfect TV rooms, offer you some free help in making your decision so much easier.

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Make Sure It All Fits!

You may be in love with a wall unit but before you buy, do some prep at home. Of course your new TV furniture has to fit into its allotted space! Time to break out the tape measure and pencil. Determine the size you have to fill. Once you’ve done that, check that your set will fit in a given piece of furniture. Your screen size printed on the box it came in measures diagonally, so check the space in an entertainment center accordingly. Extra credit for being extra careful: measure and write down the height of your TV including of course its base.

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The Right Sightlines for Health and Perfect Viewing

You get only one pair of eyes so make sure they stay in as good shape as you can. For one thing, your mother’s nagging was right: don’t get too close to the TV! For sets up to 29 inches, make sure you have at least 3 feet between you and the screen. For a 46-inch set up that number to 5 feet, and for jumbo screens just sit yourself back about 7 feet.
Now for something more fun, consider the most comfortable positioning of your TV and furniture for ideal viewing. The best sightline for this is from your eyes when you are seated to the bottom of the screen. To find this out when planning for entertainment furniture, enlist a volunteer for help. Have this person sit on the sofa or chair hold an end of something straight while you walk toward the wall holding the other end and gently mark the spot on the wall with your pencil or crayon. Great. Next, get out your tape measure again and record the height from the floor to that mark. The shelf on which your TV will sit should be 1 foot or less below that mark.

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