Monday, December 21, 2020

Roses’ Awesome Furniture Finance Options: Enjoy Your Purchases NOW!

We at Roses Flooring & Furniture offer the consumer GREAT furniture financing choices. We became a success not only because we LOVE quality home furniture and mattresses, and keep prices down to earth. We understand people and real life including unforeseen setbacks. Past money woes are NEVER a barrier to buying great dining sets and kids’ bunks at Roses. We remember what it’s like to weather hard times so we give hardworking households a break for a change. Here are our two popular no-credit furniture financing routes.

Kornerstone Credit: NO Credit Needed and INSTANT Response

Boost YOUR furniture purchasing power easily with Kornerstone Credit, respected nationwide for its fast-approval, no-credit furniture financing. In less than 3 minutes, online YOU can be approved to borrow up to $5000 for that awesome living room suite or king bedroom set you REALLY want. Kornerstone Credit’s easy furniture financing offers you the way to take home your purchase right away and build good credit thanks to its flexible payment plans. Kornerstone Credit offers you the incentive of a 90-day buyout option. Credit bureaus favorably note such prompt payment, which give you MORE buying power in the long run!

BIG Approvals and Pay Online: American First Finance

Relax and take up to 24 months to pay online for your purchase with the no-credit-needed plans from our friends at American First Finance. This company accepts both payroll and prepaid cards. You DON’T need credit to get started – your pay stub is just as good. Enjoy a 100-day NO-interest, same-as-cash early buyout option or another early purchase choice to save you even more! Pay online at your pace and come out a winner.

Always count on great furniture financing when you need an assist and a chance to build a better financial future. Go to!

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